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Yes, you read it right, Google Site Kit – a WordPress plugin from Google. It is right now available on google website and is in beta phase.  

Do you really need Google Site Kit plugin ? 

Hell yah… we have been using multiple plugins to just add scripts for Google Analytics and Google Search Console in the Header. Now looks like the problem is almost solved. You just have to install the Google Site Kit plugin on your WordPress site and configure the plugin. This plugin will create a dashboard for Google Analytics, Google Page Speed, Google Search Console and Google Adsense.

And it’s FREE.

Let’s go through step by step :

Download Plugin : 

You can click here or directly search “Google Site Kit”. Click the url this page, click get developer beta, this will open plugin documentation page, look for download right here link and download the file.

Install Google Site Kit Plugin on your WordPress Website : 

Go to Plugins > Add New  and click Upload Plugin and choose the downloaded Google Site Kit plugin, ie and click Install now.

Google Site Kit setup :   
Just follow the instructions one step at a time, Just make sure you are logged in to your google account which is connected for Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If not then create the Google Account and follow these steps:

    • Step 1 – Create Client ID : Will need to enter the Client configuration code click the said link and Click the GET OATH CREDENTIALS button the get the code. (Again just make sure you are in the right google account and no popup blockers) . Now you will the Code in the popup just click the copy link , go to your web page again and paste the code in the Client configuration box and click PROCEED. DONE
    • Step 2 – Authenticate : Here just click Sign in with Google log into your account and confirm the permissions by clicking Allow button
    • Step 3 – Verify Url : As soon as you Click Allow Button, google will search for the website url
    • Step 4 – Connect Search Console : look for Search Console account for your url 
    • Step 5 – Finish : and if found it will verify and Finish

Will get a congratulations message on screen , now Click Dashboard.

Now you will see that Google Search Console is now connected on your Google Site Kit, and if you already have data on your account it will start fetch all that data here, else it will show you blank.

Ok, now that you have connected to Google Search Console, you will also get options to connect other three accounts i.e Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Page Speed Insights.

Connect Google Analytics :  Click Analytics, you already have an account property for the website then it will list the same to select. Click CONFIGURE ANALYTICS button and thats connected as well.

Connect Page Speed : Click Page Speed Insights from the dashboard, It will ask you to enter API, for that you need to click the link mention on that page, click GET API KEY  copy the API and paste it in the website API box and click PROCEED. CONNECTED.

updated : 2nd July 2019